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sorry [Jul. 8th, 2007|08:13 am]
Saint`s Assembly


[Current Mood |restlessrestless]

Yesterday we all were taken by surprise. The discussion was hot, firece and sometimes plainly rude, but I think it was more communication problem than our personal feelings toward some of interlocutors. And it showed that we talked about things important for us not only in theoretical musings.

From my side I`d like to appologise, especially Viator and Domello, who were trying to make us to negotiate meanings with eachother, along with not hurting anyone by lack of political correct ethic.
Well, we all know political correction isnt perfect line of thinking, but better this than something more violent (choice isnt nice as you see...p.c. is just safe for us to talk). Viator and Domello in a heat of conversation were a bit pushed aside, and most of our female friends fell silent, and I understand becouse from third pov it must have been something not pleasant and pitifull.

Sorry. Sometimes its stronger than me. Koral, I know what you`re thinking and with advance I say aloud "Im a jerk at times, please, be patient with me, I have other good features ;)

And after not sleeping last three hours, just wiggling on my bed and thinking about this disscusion, I came to conclusion, that I was a bit asshole. Allright, a big asshole. Figure. Sometimes I have an opinion but Im lacking knowledge

Its good to know you want to talk even when being a bit startled and taken aback. Thanx :)


[User Picture]From: viatoris
2007-07-08 07:06 am (UTC)
Well...yeah, you`re an ass allright :P
ok, Im joking ;) No need to worry, we know how it goes when somebody speaks in heat of conversation and have other quirks ;)we are immune for that, hell, Im working with students, I know almost everything ablut lack of communication skills and emotional inteligence :)

Things come in time, I think ;) only way to lear it is doing it :)

*hugs* dont beat yourself D :)
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